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Welcome to Triple T Consultants Pvt. Ltd. - Where IT Excellence Begins!

At Triple T Consultants, we don't just meet your IT needs; we exceed them. Our team is a dedicated group of passionate IT professionals committed to crafting tailored software solutions for enterprises and online businesses.

Why Choose Triple T Consultants:

  1. Staff Augmentation Services
  2. Free up your time to focus on business growth by leveraging our Expert Solutions

    From Selection to On-Boarding

    • AI's blind spot: Unmasking potential biases and finding the human spark in your next engineer.
    • > 95% right-time onboarding success
    • Slash your hiring time by 75%
    • Reduce your hiring cost by 50%
  3. Comprehensive IT Solutions:
  4. We offer a full spectrum of IT solutions and technology services to ensure 360-degree client satisfaction. Our umbrella of services covers everything from software development, web design, and web development to application maintenance, migration, and porting.
  5. Cutting-edge Technology:
  6. Whether it's proprietary frameworks or open-source components, we provide our clients with the latest technological support. Our commitment to 100% dedicated and personalized services ensures that you stay ahead in the digital landscape.
  7. Versatile Expertise:
  8. From Full stack development, MS Dot Net development and PHP development to SEO services and web development, our range of services is designed to cater to diverse business needs.
  9. World-Class Services:
  10. Our commitment to world-class services is reflected in our timely, tested, and trustworthy deliverance. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our professionalism sets us apart.
Elevate Your Business with Triple T:

Partnering with Triple T means unlocking the door to international-level work quality. We don't just clear paths; we pave the way for unhindered success. Say goodbye to looking back - with Triple T Consultants, your company is on the path to a winning streak.

Ready to outgrow your competitors? Source IT right with Triple T Consultants Pvt. Ltd.!


Hiring Solutions

We are an experienced bunch when it comes to software engineering and project management. We are not only affordable for software development tasks; our stringent discipline makes the job quite straightforward for you. You just need to offshore a section of our team and we are all yours for dedicated, timely and perfect service!

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Contract Staffing

We assist clients with their web development tasks and have been working in collaborative product development. We have catered to a multitude of projects having scope of developing a web site for the internet or intranet. We have helped clients to have interactive pages, e-businesses and more.

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Outsourcing Services

Our team of skilled experts in the field create magical web design elements and interactive websites. The perfect blend of art and technology can be seen here.

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Consultancy and Support

Our firm works for clients to maintain and upkeep the applications which the client uses in the business. These may include applications for the company’s customer base or even the internal public of the company like managers, sales personnel etc. we help the company to reinvent the technology used in the applications and also develop new ones.

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