Dot Net Development

DotNet Technologies
.Net technologies were released by Microsoft in year 2002 as version 1.0. It is a server side wed technologies based on open source framework. It allows programmers to create dynamic content based websites and web applications. Since its origin as version 1.0 they have released several version as 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and current version as 4.5. also adopted other frameworks like MVC, Web API, Entity framework etc. MVC framework itself launched several version and currently MVC 5.0 which could merge webpages in version 6.0.

There are several other similar web technologies like PHP, JSP, ASP but always attract developers and corporate as it support RAD model development by it various web and html tools and support and adoption of all other client side frameworks.

Why Prefer Web Application technology have preferred over other technologies in current era. Dot Net have grown greatly since its origin in year 2002 and using to develop great websites and large web application.

Dot Net development at Triple T
We at Triple T have a great team of dot net developers having experience between 3 years to 11 years. Currently we are using 4.0 frameworks and c# as backend code. We are also developing applications in MVC 4 with Razor syntax which is ahead then and also give all benefits of dot net framework and technologies. MVC also give the advantage of MVC design pattern where three component model view controller take care of all the process.

Software Engineers at Triple T are dedicated and take care of every aspect of application regarding technology and requirements while developing web sites, web portals or web applications using or MVC. Our preference is to use latest trends and technologies in the world of Microsoft technologies where technology changes very fast and frequently. We are using Entity framework, LINQ, jQuery, Bootstrap framework, CSS 3, Html 5 etc.

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